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In Call Controls

Once you have joined a Zoom Meeting, you will notice that the touch panel will change and will resemble the below

  1. Mute microphone allows you to turn your in room audio on and off. When not speaking, it is good practice to mute the room, so as not to disturb other remote participants in the meeting. If remote participants are unable to hear you, check that the microphone is not muted.

  2. Stop video allows you to start and stop the video feed, being broadcast from the room. If remote participants are unable to see you check that the stop video button has not been pressed.

  3. Share Content or Camera, will allow users to share content, pressing this button will bring up instructions for how to share

  4. Change view will allow you to change the way participants are displayed on screen.

  5. Camera control will allow you to select a preset camera position, or manually adjust the camera.

  6. Manage participants, allows you to view all participants in the meeting, and perform certain participant management functions if you are the host.

  7. Invite allows you to invite internal or external participants into the current meeting.

  8. Start recording allows you to enter an email, that the recording notification will be sent to.

  9. This option allows you to access additional settings, and can be used to give an overview of the Zoom Room equipment in the room, which can prove useful when in a call with technical support.

  10. This option allows you to leave or end the meeting.

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