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Cameras and microphones may be active before and after you see they are connected. Always treat a conference as a "live or hot mic" room. 


You should also note that once clicking the button, the first time will take a minute as drivers load onto the PC.

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Barco Clickshare

Before entering the meeting room, it will be necessary to have your laptop device with you, as this will be what you use to control your meeting.


The in room Clickshare base station will send out an ultrasound signal that is picked up by your laptop microphone. The Clickshare application will then ask whether you would like to connect to the Clickshare system as per the below image:

Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 15.55.10.png

The Barco Application should show your next calendar meeting, and allow you to join from there.


Click connect to connect to the meeting room, this will connect your device to the in room equipment, namely the display, the camera and the in room audio.


It will now be possible for you to run the meeting from your own personal laptop device.


Please note it will only be possible to run meetings from laptop devices. iPad and iPhones will allow for content sharing only.

First Time using Barco Clickshare?

If this is your first time using Barco Clickshare, it will be necessary to install the necessary drivers, to ensure that this works correctly with your system.

This should begin installing on your device when you insert the device, however if you are experiencing any issues, Barco software can be found at:

Once Installed on your Laptop, upon plugging in your device, it should find the Microsoft Teams Meetings that you have coming up, click join, and ensure the rooms devices are showing next to the settings cog.

For more information please watch the video below:

Barco Clickshare Joining a Meeting

If you don't have the Clickshare device, you can still use the application. Click the video below to find out more.

No Clickshare, No Problem!

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